哪个更好? “低频” & 高频逆变器?

逆变器 有两种类型:低频和高频功率逆变器.

离网逆变器 is simple which convert the DC power stored within a battery (direct current, 12V, 24V或48V转换成交流电(交流电), 230-240V) that can be used to run your household items and electrical appliances, 从冰箱到电视机再到手机充电器. 逆变器s are an essential item for anyone without access to a mains power source, 因为它们可以很容易地提供充足的电力.

Low-frequency 逆变器s have the advantage over high-frequency 逆变器s in two fields: peak power capacity,  和可靠性. Low-frequency 逆变器s are designed to deal with higher power spikes for longer periods of time than high-frequency 逆变器s.

事实上, low-frequency 逆变器s can operate at the peak power level which is up to 300% of their nominal power level for several seconds, while high-frequency 逆变器s can operate at 200% power level for a small fraction of a second.

The second main difference is reliability: low-frequency 逆变器s operate using powerful transformers, which are more reliable and sturdy than the high-frequency 逆变器’s MOSFETs, 哪些使用电子开关,更容易损坏, 特别是在高功率水平.

除了这些品质, low-frequency 逆变器s come with a wide range of technical features and capabilities which most high-frequency 逆变器s lack.

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  1. 米格尔·罗德里格斯 2021年5月4日晚上10:03 回复


    我怎么知道我的 逆变器 是高频还是低频? 我有一个MPPsolar混合分裂相位LVX系列- LVX6048


  2. 早上好,先生,我叫奇纳. 我的问题是, is Techfine 逆变器s reliable for use in Africa since they are low frequency 逆变器s.

  3. 高频率 逆变器 配备像ref这样马达的设备安全吗. & 空调?

  4. 嗨,我在找growatt变压器无高频逆变器. 客户服务代表. Who I am in communication with tells me that the 18kw 逆变器s will peak at 54kw for 20 seconds, 也有无线网络, mppt, 百时美施贵宝. I’ve been very specific with him about these 逆变器s needing to run my house and my shop. 其中包括冰箱, 冰柜, A/C, 热水器, 炉/烤箱, 电动工具, 汽车电梯, 井泵, 焊工, 压缩机. He guaranteed me that he has personally installed 60-80 systems using these 逆变器s with excellent results. 包括100千瓦的大厦系统. He is a local business, so I know if there is a problem I can pack the 逆变器s up and return them. 我没有看到很多关于逆变器的评论, but I do still see many companies selling low frequency 逆变器s with a heavy transformer.
    似乎这些无变压器的逆变器是比较新的. 我还没有购买. 我大约一周后到.
    任何帮助都太好了. These are the growatt (blue) 3000/9000 watt transformerless high frequency 逆变器s wired 6 in parallel. 谢谢.

    • 格罗瓦特确实是一股不可忽视的力量 逆变器 R&它们很受欢迎,也很贵. 我相信他们在全球排名第三,你可以确认这一点. It is transformerless with all round protection and also usually a power factor of 1. 这些逆变器是最好的钱可以买到,所以去吧. 这确实是心灵的宁静.

  5. 亚伦,你 逆变器 shuts down because your 逆变器 of 3kva has a power factor of most likely 0.8%. 所以你的逆变器的瓦特等级应该是2左右.25kw. 这就是为什么逆变器无法为2的抽油机供电.8克瓦语

  6. 我叫亚伦. 我用一台1的潜水泵.5 HP. 2800年寺庙. 我有一个必须PV1800 3kva 逆变器 我有8块100ah的太阳能电池. 但是当我打开潜水泵时,整个系统就关闭了. 逆变器 displays ⚠ 72 or ⚠4 which is translated as low battery or battery bus error.

    澳博国际官网通过拧紧所有的端子来研究电池. 然而问题仍然存在. And when the sun is so high and the pump stands on for about 10 seconds, the life wire from breaker to 逆变器 gets hotter and begin to melt.


    • 你的 逆变器 is undersized or your battery cannot provide the required amperage upon startup. 2800W is your running watts but your starting power is likely 2-7 times higher. This is where a high quality vs low quality 逆变器 will show its true self. Since you have lots of batteries, my guess is that its an 逆变器 issue.

    • 亚伦,你用什么规格的电线连接你的 逆变器 到电池组,它们有多长? The fact that they’re getting hot seems to imply that there’s too much resistance, 如果逆变器拉不到足够的电流, 它会关闭(电线会变热).

      假设你的电池是12V, running a 2800W pump would need to draw approximately (2800W / 12V) = 233 Amps from the batteries. This doesn’t take into account the current spike required to start up the motor. To handle that, you’d need at least 4/0 gauge wire (and at least a 250A breaker). The wires from the battery bank through the breaker to the 逆变器 should be as short as possible – no more than a couple of feet.

      If your battery bank is 24V, you’d need at least 2/0 gauge wire (but 4/0 would be best).

    • 1.5hp大约只有1100W, 但泵可能需要比这多50%, 所以1700 w, 不是2800 w. 你的泵的波动很大. 浪涌电流可以是运行电流的3-6倍,并持续数秒. Extremely difficult to run large electric motors off cheap high frequency 逆变器s. 我有一个3/4马力喷气泵,锤我的2kW/4kW高频率 逆变器 -会关闭它. My 4kW low frequency unit with 10kW/30seconds surge barely notices when it comes on.

    • You may want to check the quality and size of wire used for your connection. 可能两根16mm(32mm)软线就可以了. 其次,减少人与人之间的距离 逆变器 尽可能多地使用电池. Use good and thick cable lock to terminate the cable on the battery end. Then change your 逆变器 to a 5KVA rating probably running on 48v system, 然后你的相扑将有效地没有问题. 干杯

  7. 艾伦•美因威林 2020年6月6日凌晨1时53分 回复

    你好Borhan, 我对这件事犹豫不决 , I have been using two MPP high frequency 4Kw solar 逆变器s for now over three years and they have not missed a beat. 他们是并联的,可以提供8KW的问题.
    每个澳大利亚人的售价约为1300美元. 我真的很喜欢它们,确保你不会购买克隆产品. 澳博国际官网现在在澳大利亚有MPP太阳能代理.
    我还有一个低频5KW的电子管 逆变器 作为最后一招. Yes it is built like a Sherman tank, but boy it is heavy and expensive at $5000.
    几年前,我参与了修理高频逆变器, 我害怕他们, they where so unreliable and where very difficult to repair but times have changed, 高频逆变器结构紧凑, 更轻,更便宜,而且更可靠. 我个人会坚持高频逆变器 , 但一定要从有信誉的公司购买, 中国克隆产品的可靠性确实存在问题. The company in Taiwan MPP Solar so far has given me a good service.
    就像我说的,我在这个问题上犹豫不决, its not that straight forward as some said ‘modern technology will bite you on the bum” what was true years ago is now no longer true. Yes i prefer High Frequency 逆变器s because modern technology has solve any of the issues they had.

  8. We are considering using solar to power a cooler of approximate 2 refrigeration tons capacity. 使用冷却器大约一天8-12小时. Could you estimate the solar system that can be used for this purpose in terms of solar panel size, 带控制器的电池 逆变器. 那么请务必告知澳博国际官网系统的估计成本.



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